Op deze pagina vind je neus-gerelateerde wetenschappelijke proefschriften (dissertaties) verdedigd aan Nederlandse universiteiten. De proefschriften zijn veelal in het Engels geschreven en zijn niet ouder dan 1990. Je vindt ze gerubriceerd naar onderwerp.


Jaar Promovendus Titel proefschrift
2020 F.E. van Boven Evidence Based Effectiveness of Indoor Environmental Control for the Treatment of Allergic Asthma: Focus on House Dust Mite Allergy
2016 J. van Tongeren Influence of the mucosal environment on the regulation of the local immune response in health and allergic disease
2012 J.A. Patiwael TInterplay between allergy and work
2004 I. Terreehorst Mite avoidance in allergic rhinitis: a cover story?
2004 G.C.M. Groenewoud Occupational allergy in horticulture
2003 C.E. Lopuhaä Factors in clinical expression of allergic airways disease 
2001 G.J. Braunstahl Neus-long interactie in allergische rhinitis en astma
2000 B.J. Thio The role of physical exercise and the treatment of allergic rhinitis in childhood asthma
1998 A.F. Holm Topical corticosteroids in allergic rhinitis. Effects on nasal inflammatory cells and mucosa
1995 C. in ’t Veld Nasal hyperreactivity and inflammation in perennial allergic rhinitis
1995 I.M. Garrelds Nasal hyperreactivity and inflammation in perennial allergic rhinitis
1991 M.N.B.M. Driessen Pollen en pollinosis. Medical and botanical aspects
1991 W.J. Fokkens The pathogenesis of allergic rhinitis, cellular aspects with emphasis on Langerhans cells
1995 A.M. Witteman Quantitative aspects of the IgE-mediated reaction in patients with asthma and rhinitis
1990 F.M. Kniest The management of dust allergens

Allergeen immunotherapie (AIT)

Jaar Promovendus Titel proefschrift
2012 E. Röder Sublingual immunotherapy in children with allergic rhinitis
2001 P. Hellings Immunomodulation in allergic rhinitis and asthma

Neusbijholten (sinus)

Jaar Promovendus Titel proefschrift
2020 N.M. Kaper Evidence-based otolaryngology; Research and practice in managing patients with chronic rhinosinusitis
2018 R.Hoffmans Epidemiology and management of rhinosinusitis
2016 F.S. Besseling-Hansen Complicated rhinosinusitis
2012 R.P. Venekamp Corticosteroids for acute rhinosinusitis
2011 W.J.M. Videler Recalcitrant Chronic Rhinosinusitis Difficulties in diagnosis and treatment
2009 F.A. Ebbens Controversies in chronic rhinosinusitis
1997 W.A.B. Stalman Management of sinusitis-like complaints in general practice
1997 B. Hartog Diagnosis and treatment of chronic maxillary sinusitis
1991 M. Vleming Endoscopische neusbijholten chirurgie


Jaar Promovendus Titel proefschrift
2014 D.J. Menger The nasal valve: new methods for reconstruction, suspension and objective measurements
2010 R.F. André Surgical procedures of the nasal valve area; operative techniques and functional evaluation
1996 T. Bruintjes On the functional anatomy of the nasal valve and the lobule


Jaar Promovendus Titel proefschrift
2012 R.P. Venekamp Corticosteroids for acute rhinosinusitis
2006 V.M.D. Struben Nasal nitric oxide. Methodology, normal values and potential clinical application
2006 P. Merkus Current aspects of nasal drug delivery
2005 J.B. van Rijswijk Capsaicin in idiopathic rhinitis


Jaar Promovendus Titel proefschrift
2022 F.V.W.J. van Zijl Outcome-based rhinoplasty: towards data-driven decision-making in functional and aesthetic nasal surgery
2019 M.M.H.T. van Egmond Effectiveness of septoplasty in adults with nasal obstruction and a deviated septum (filmpje)
2019 J.M. Herruer Psychological aspects and predictors of satisfaction in facial cosmetic surgery
2014 B. van Loon 3D stereophotogrammetric assessment of surgical nose procedures
2000 J. van Loosen Postnatal development of the human nasal septum and its related structures. Postnatal development of the human nasal septum
1993 T.D. Zijlker The external approach for septorhinoplasty


Jaar Promovendus Titel proefschrift
2017 M.E. Cornet Nasal polyposis
1992 A.E. Stoop Immunological aspects of nasal polyps

Ontregeld neusslijmvlies

Jaar Promovendus Titel proefschrift
2020 C.L. Segboer Etiology, diagnosis and treatment of non-allergic rhinitis
2005 J.B. van Rijswijk Capsaicin in idiopathic rhinitis
1998 H.M. Blom Non-allergic non-infectious perennial rhinitis. Pathogenesis and treatment
1991 R. Gerth van Wijk Nasal hyperreactivity


Jaar Promovendus Titel proefschrift
2024 E.J.A. Schepens Scent & Sensibility: A journey towards recovery in COVID-19 induced olfactory disorders
2024 M. van den Brink The flavor of chemotherapy: Exploring smell and taste function in children with cancer
2021 E.M. Postma Smell and taste disorders: effects on eating behavior, food preferences and the brain


Jaar Promovendus Titel proefschrift
2000 W.M. Boek Insight into ciliary activity and mucociliary transport
1991 K.J.A.O. Ingels Ciliary beat frequency and harmony in the human nasal mucosa


Jaar Promovendus Titel proefschrift
2020 B. Loef Shift work: Health, livestyle, and immunological effects